Holiday Gift Guide | Understudy


3Sixteen Diamond Plaid // 3Sixteen Crosscut Flannel // EG Workshirt // AMI Gingham Button-Down // The Hill-Side Brushed Flannel

MHL Drawcord Parka // BDP Doudoune Vest // Norse Projects Aros Corduroy Pants // Homespun Socks // FEIT Hand-Stitched Low Sneakers


MHL Scout Cardigan // Norse Projects x Hestra Gloves // Maple Socks // Norse Projects Beanie // The Hill-Side Socks

Maple Silver Rings and Bracelet

Left: The Hill-Side Sashiko Blazer // 3Sixteen Crosscut Flannel // Norse Projects Alpaca Scarf // The Hill-Side Pima Cotton Beanie // Camo Trousers // Norse Projects Socks // New Balance Sneakers

Right: Tender Herringbone Jacket // The Hill-Side Wool Felt Hat // Alex Mill Green Chinos // Maple Socks // The Hill-Side Weatherproof Sneakers

Maple Leather Accessories // Maple Pacific Necklace and Bracelet // Maple Hat // Intelligence Magazine


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